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Team Spirit

Multi-floor Refurbishment

We were asked by marketing and PR firm, Team Spirit, to look at remodelling and refurbishing a range of spaces in their London offices.

A site visit and client meeting revealed the scope of the project. Meeting with the client’s Group Project Manager our team were able to fully understand the requirements and project goals. A range of design scenarios were discussed along with the practicalities of undertaking the work in the occupied offices.

After providing a scope with budgets and layout sketches, we were asked to produce a full program of works. Firm quotes were accepted and we got to work across all four floors of the project which involved:

Central to the project was the redesign and repurposing of the ground floor area to deliver a relaxed café style feel.

Bespoke neon lettering signage and lighting were used throughout the building to bring visual continuity.

To ensure minimum disruption we completed the work out of hours whenever possible and the project ran smoothly with Team Spirit in continuous occupation.

The client and visitors have commented positively on the change in atmosphere and acoustics, particularly in the café style reception. Improved flow and functionality on the upper floors has benefited the staff and day-to-day operations.