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Ledbury Research

Office Design & Build

Ledbury Research is a specialist marketing research company. Every year they interview over 25,000 high-net worth individuals and provide market insight to some of the world’s most prestigious brands. A functional and stylish office environment is crucial to their business.

Ledbury were relocating to a larger space, within a more prominent building – 1 Albermarle Street. This was an exciting opportunity for the company and required complete office realisation; meeting rooms, directors’ offices, staff facilities and upgrading of existing internal finishes (carpets, suspended ceiling, lighting). All of which needed a design to compliment their involvement within the luxury market and provide a welcoming environment that matched the expectations of high-end clients.

We initially met with the assistant to the MD, where the full range of services and capabilities were explained, as was Ledbury’s need for staff involvement design-wise as key employees had a design background. This then made the meeting with the MD time-efficient and effective; appropriate products and systems were recommended and a scope of work discussed all of which kept within the client’s decorative ideas. Costs and layout sketches were provided and an agreement reached on scope and specification.

The completion date coincided with their exit from their existing premises. Full design & build began as planned which included:

The fabric of the building presented several challenges. The sloped mansard roof required the glazing to have multiple angled cuts; uneven floor levels required measuring and manufacturing of doors with raked cuts at the bottom and access was limited to the passenger lift which was unavailable for deliveries during working hours.

The new office now encapsulates a feeling of space, luxury and professionalism in every detail. Client areas have a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, befitting the high-calibre services Ledbury Research provides. Since the design & build, we have returned to make minor adjustments to the layout to accommodate increasing employee numbers.