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Winckworth Sherwood

Office Fit Out

Winckworth Sherwood is a long-established law firm based near London Bridge. Following a period of growth, they contacted us with the requirement to have their office space layout re-designed to allow maximum use of the space.

We met with Winckworth’s Partnership Secretary, Support Services Controller and Admin Manager and advised on the best use of the working space.

The work schedule was agreed – it involved a combination of out of hours and weekend work.

During the work, temporary partitions were setup to allow minimal disruption to employees during office hours. We removed current partitions and set aside the glass for re-use. The solid partitions incorporated a bespoke furniture and filing system which we were able to reuse in the new partition layout. We also reused an existing wall and division panels, all of which helped to keep works within the client’s budget.

Part of the project also included ordering new doors to arrive as per the schedule, measuring new glass to supplement those previously set aside, supply and fit of the Dorma Manet sliding door gear, replacing suspended ceilings and carpet, and re-designing the floor layout to optimise the available space.

One of the key requirements for Winckworth Sherwood, was the re-use of the glass. It had to be measured whilst still in position and was carefully manoeuvred for optimal re-use. Most glazing companies would not do this as they require all the head and base tracks in place before measuring. We have a unique system to work out glass sizes prior to any build (or takedown in many cases) which drastically reduces disruption. We also provided bespoke glass with CNC machined holes to accept the current sliding door system.

Winckworth Sherwood is now able to comfortably accommodate their team in a reconfigured and refreshed environment.